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The degree of risk in a Mutual Fund varies with the diversity in portfolio and the combination of assets. Add to this the different classes of instruments. Judging the best investments avenues calls for astute incisive knowledge on markets and individual companies.

The research desk of IDBI CAPITAL MARKETS & SECURITIES Ltd. publishes a number of detailed research Reports on the Mutual Fund Industry viz. 
(i) Daily Report – detailing the NAV and growth of the schemes on various periods 
(ii) MF Monthly – with coverage on the Equity, Debt and Mutual Fund market
(iii) Customised Sector Reports and
(iv) Scheme Reports for Special Clients.

Customized Reports are provided to specific institutional / corporate clients. The universe for every category is selected from the entire industry and rigorous analysis undertaken including peer comparison. Various tools and techniques are used, from studying the Alpha of every scheme with Standard Deviation to Beta Analysis to Tryenor and Sortino.

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